Global pension investment trends: the importance of technology innovation

What’s driving global pension investment trends? Read this research report for expert insights from investment, operations, and technology decision makers at pension funds across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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With ageing member populations leading to more pay-outs than contributions, pension funds across the globe are facing mounting pressure to optimize costs, while accelerating time to market for new investment strategies that yield better long-term returns.  

At the same time, pensions are facing mounting pressure to align their investment and asset management practices with evolving ESG practices and mandates.  

How are pension funds across the globe responding to these challenges and preparing for an increasingly competitive world? We partnered with Institutional Investor and Deloitte to get the views of more than 135 investment, operations, and technology decision-makers at pensions in North America, Europe, and APAC.  

The resulting report provides insights on a multitude of key issues, revealing context that investors may use to assess how their own organization’s methods and approach compare to current industry practices and trends. 

Get insights on:

  • What are the consideration factors for insourcing vs outsourcing? 
  • How are growing commitments to ESG being reflected in investment strategies across North America, Europe, and APAC? 
  • What near-term changes do pension funds foresee in their private market exposures? And what are the challenges in administering these investments? 
  • What are the greatest data management challenges facing pension funds today? And what technology initiatives are they prioritizing to support their investment priorities?


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