Administrative functions underpin the success of fund groups operations, with a requirement to constantly review, monitor and adjust to market and internal demands. Here we provide the latest views from leading operators in administrative roles on asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and strategy.

What is the best route for middle and back-office modernisation?

Gary Brackenridge, Global Head of Asset Management, Linedata, explains how evolving investor expectations are changing the demands on middle and ba...

How fund operators can compare several best of breed solutions with all-in-one systems

Stuart Gunderson, Chief Operating Officer at Seilern Investment Management, explores the business case between many t...

Fund Operator: News round-up

A quick guide for all the news and things you may have missed in the operations space for fund management.

How fund operators can execute private markets strategies

Dan Sharp, Partner at management consulting firm Sionic, explores some of the potential big issues for fund operators in the private markets space.

How fund operators can use operational efficiencies to drive better systems

Michelle Sartorio, Global Director of Marketing & PR, Savills Investment Management, explains how operational efficiency is key in the post-pandemi...

How fund operators can use service consolidation to improve business practices

Simba Mamboininga, Managing Partner at Devlin Mambo, explains how the pandemic has changed the way fund operators should look at service consolidat...

How fund operators can leverage data and operations after COVID-19

In a roundtable discussion market leaders in fund operating share their strategies on client engagement.In Clear Path Analysis’s recently released ...

The real reason you’re losing 22% of your fund growth

Neil Vernon, CTO, Gresham Technologies explains how poor data and control leads to an erosion of fund growth and what asset managers can do to avoid this

How J.P. Morgan Asset Management is implementing a new global operating model

Fred Crosnier, Global Head of Operations, J.P. Morgan Asset Management shares how the firm is starting a multi-year initiative to implement its new...
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