Administrative functions underpin the success of fund groups operations, with a requirement to constantly review, monitor and adjust to market and internal demands. Here we provide the latest views from leading operators in administrative roles on asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and strategy.

What is the key to long-lasting private client relationships?

Manish Sarwal, Deputy Head of Finance at Impax Management, discusses how to achieve longevity in fund operations with clients.

How investors can insulate their portfolios from shocks

Martin Collins, Trustee Director, 2020 Trustees, explains how investors can insulate portfolios from external drivers including inflation, fee pressures, and geopoli...

Barriers to accessible ESG information – and how to overcome them

Kroum Sourov, Lead ESG Analyst, ESG Sovereign Research, Candriam, discusses the barriers to ESG information.

Defined contribution pension scheme challenges in private markets

Andrew Warwick-Thompson, Chair of Trustees, Scottish Widows Master Trust, explains the current challenges and opportunities for defined contributio...

2023 outlook: what continued inflation means for fund operators

Heading into 2023, industry leaders predict continued macroeconomic volatility, rising inflation, and reliance on fixed income in the US and Europe...

Outsourcing in new working conditions

The ways of outsourcing have changed in the new era of hybrid working with firms needing different things from their partners, says Joe LaFemina, Senior Manager, Out...

Cryptocurrency demand means growing pains for fund operators

Client demand for digital assets currently outpaces legal and operational infrastructure.

Added benefits from a mainstream ESG ethos

Maria Nazarova-Doyle, Head of Pension Investments & Responsible Investments, Scottish Widows, discusses the benefits for fund operators that exist with an increased ...

How to manage investment cycles with different goals

Sally Bridgeland, Chair And Non-Executive Director, Local Pensions Partnership Investments, discusses bridging the gap between investment cycles and ESG strategies.
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