Anti-greenwashing rules seeing market changes

New legislation and stakeholder expectations have shaken the market around ESG as greenwashing accusations fears drive change.

ESMA announces naming standardisation guidelines for funds

New advice aimed to add more structure to ESG, impact investing, and other sustainability-related investment and fund management practices, but...

FCA publishes greenwashing guidance

The Financial Conduct Authority has published its finalised anti greenwashing rule guidance among the wider SDR implementation process.

Will H2 2024 see investment management M&A boost?

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) opportunities are ripe in the sector; what will these conditions mean for fund operations?

Culture & People Management

Culture’s importance to asset managers reaffirmed

A new report has highlighted the importance of staff culture at asset managers for achieving good returns and results.

Separate CEO and Chair, industry urges

The persistent issue of whether top positions are better served by one person or more rears its head.

How do you achieve trust and fairness in fund and asset valuation policies?

The balance between technology and people is paramount to building trust around valuations and prici...

What operational effects does the gender pay gap have?

A new study on US companies’ gender pay gap reporting highlights the operational issues it creates around people and culture ...

What are the major operational barriers to business expansion?

Arthur Melkonian, Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners, gives his thoughts on why top-down chan...


How do you ensure seamless data?

Chris Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, CG Asset Management, discusses what’s important and new in the world of data, including the old bugbear of keeping data safe despite human error.

How can fund operators help clients integrate ESG strategies?

Claudia Röring, Sustainable Investing Coordinator, Quoniam and Miriam Benarey, Associate Director, Sustainability and Stewardship, Impax Asset Managem...

How have ESG frameworks increased complexity?

Johannes Böhm, Senior ESG Data Analyst, Union Investments and Thomas Roulland, Director, Head of Sustainability Standards & Analytics Allianz Global Investors discuss how you handle challenges around different ESG frameworks.

How to achieve effective ESG and sustainability investment policies

Sara Benwell, Contributing Editor, looks at the big picture of ESG investment in the European financial services market. How does it compare to the re...

What impact investing changes should fund operators know about?

Seb Beloe, Head of Research, WHEB Group Asset Management, explains the current trends and operational challenges he’s seeing in the market around impa...

Technology & Data

EU signs off on “AI Act” - what does it mean?

The European Union has given the go-ahead for ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence legislation; but what does this mean for the investment operations space?

Private Credit Outlook: Insights on Scalability, Technology, and Outsourcing

Piyush Singhi, Senior Managing Director at IVP Credit and Private Funds, and Obinna Nwankwo, Managing Director at Wellington Management Company, discuss the rapid growth ...

Empowering your data platform with a security master

Investment managers that are forced to prioritise decisions between the front- and back-office often focus on the income-generating potential of the front office. But what if firms bega...

How do you responsibly incorporate ESG into an investment strategy?

Rodrigo Dupleich, Managing Director - Head of Systematic Strategies at UBS Asset Management, discusses the crossover between ambitious sustainability goals and good opera...