Will H2 2024 see investment management M&A boost?

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) opportunities are ripe in the sector; what will these conditions mean for fund operations?

Scope 3 remains unpopular with US asset managers

Operational strategies around sustainability - specifically Scope 3 - still not embedded as voting records show a lack of support for ESG policies.

ESG rating providers in EU to be regulated

Regulatory framework agreed upon in EU countries with hopes of mitigating quantitative and qualitative data issues around ESG rating providers.

SBAI releases GHG frameworks

The member body announced emissions accounting framework to help streamline regulatory burden for alternative asset managers.

Culture & People Management

Separate CEO and Chair, industry urges

The persistent issue of whether top positions are better served by one person or more rears its head.

How do you achieve trust and fairness in fund and asset valuation policies?

The balance between technology and people is paramount to building trust around valuations and prici...

What operational effects does the gender pay gap have?

A new study on US companies’ gender pay gap reporting highlights the operational issues it creates around people and culture ...

What are the major operational barriers to business expansion?

Arthur Melkonian, Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners, gives his thoughts on why top-down chan...

ESG Investment Leader Awards 2023 - FULL LIST OF WINNERS

The full list of winners of the ESG Investment Leader Awards were revealed in an intimate ceremony last night.


US asset managers backing away from climate group on collusion fears

Some of the US’s largest asset managers cite fears of collusion to back away from Climate Action 100+ group amid proxy-voting complexities.

LTAFs remain a controversial topic

The long-term aspect of LTAFs was questioned but overall effectiveness was highlighted at an industry panel discussion on investment operations.

What are the operational considerations of being a mission-driven asset manager?

Christophe Lemarie, Chief Operating Officer - Client Experience and Strategy, Executive Committee, TOBAM, discusses the operational considerations for...

What operational changes are needed to achieve sustainability-led investment decisions?

Julia Kosulko, Senior Sustainability Manager and Net Zero Lead at Nordic asset manager Infranode, discusses how the organisation is...

Progress in net zero commitments amongst US institutional investors

Could the gap between the US market and the rest of the world start to close as net-zero commitments rise?

Technology & Data

The role of AI and natural language programs for fund operators

Three industry experts look at what artificial intelligence (AI) is offering and what operational professionals should be aware of.

How do you responsibly incorporate ESG into an investment strategy?

Rodrigo Dupleich, Managing Director - Head of Systematic Strategies at UBS Asset Management, discusses the crossover between ambitious sustainability goals and good opera...

Four burdens in dealing with tax regulations and how financial institutions can ease them

Taxation rules and regulations are constantly evolving and creating new reporting standards, necessitating greater resource...

Crypto Reconciliation: Navigating challenges and solutions in blockchain accounting

Tom Wheatley, COO at Watson Wheatley, shares insights on efficiently reconciling crypto data, adapting systems, managing ne...