Our research-based reports are the backbone of Clear Path Analysis and the foundation of our reputation, knowledge and contacts in the insurance asset management industry. Through ten years of publication, we’ve developed a rich database of expert-led reports covering issues including investment, operational, risk, finance, liquidity, compliance, and senior management matters that decision makers can rely on.

Upcoming Reports

  • Handling Global Regulatory Reporting Demands

    • 12th July 2021

    • Clear Path Analysis spoke to 20 investment group professionals on their attitudes towards managing regulatory pressures, reforms, and ongoing operational pressures to remain compliant.

      Given the sensitive nature of the responses, the report does not disclose individuals answers, so exact challenges cannot be attributed to one or another group, but instead the Handling Global Regulatory Reporting Demands special report offers a summary of the most pressing challenges global fund groups face and how they’re tackling such ongoing issues to optimise their business and regulatory reporting practices.

  • Fund Technology, Data & Operations, Europe 2021

    • 18th January 2021

    • The Fund Technology, Data and Operations, Europe Report aims to address key concerns related to data management including the availability, quality, and maintenance of data. Thought leaders interrogate the meaning of ‘operational resilience’ has changed since March, and how it should be perceived moving forward; How employee selection will change as it is increasingly driven by the increasing use of technology; How the management of key operational risks and cyber security has developed during this time.

  • Data Management for Buy-Side Investors 2020 Report

    • 19th October 2020

    • The Data Management for Buy-Side Investors 2020 Report brings together Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Data Management, Investment Operations Directors, and Heads of Data Governance to discuss outsourcing data management, data governance frameworks and enterprise data management.

  • Fund Technology, Data & Operations, North America 2020

    • 14th September 2020

    • The Fund Technology, Data and Operations 2020 report features candid interviews with heads of operations and technology about the innovations and procedures that are changing the asset management industry.

  • The New Operating Environment: People, Processes, and Technology

    • 6th July 2020

    • The advancement towards greater use of technology has posed both an opportunity and challenge for many industries including the investment management sector. Technology is helping the investment industry to manage costs, improve efficiencies and effectiveness, but also creates new requirements for technology savvy operational professionals, ones keen to work in the finance sector. Lately the coming together of talent and technology to build resilient operating infrastructure, that is future fit and protects profitability, has become a burning priority for larger investment groups concerned by a stalling of growth and critical development projects.

      The New Operating Environment: People, Processes, and Technology special report produced in partnership with SimCorp,examines global developments in operating models from the perspective of investment industry leaders from around the globe. The report explores how the recent pandemic has impacted core operating approaches, the long-term changes driven by technology enhancements and evolving operating procedures, talent acquisition and retention in the front to back office, plus data and client reporting developments.

  • Operational Resilience for Buy-Side Investors 2020 Report

    • 1st July 2020

    • A special report following our ‘Operational Resilience for Buy-Side Investors’ virtual conference, examining the latest thinking towards operational risk management (identification and mitigation), and challenge perceptions on how to execute an optimal operational resilience strategy.

  • Fund Technology, Data & Operations, Europe 2020

    • 24th February 2020

    • The Fund Technology Data & Operations Europe 2020 report explores how these operating models are being designed to drive cost-efficiency decades into the future. To be future proof, the operations community must also grapple with how to align their investment strategy to ESG principles. As managers consolidate and reassess their outsourcing models, they explore the move from legacy IT to a more streamlined data architecture and consider how to hire and retain people with the technological know-how for operations roles in this context.