Our research-based reports are the backbone of Clear Path Analysis and the foundation of our reputation, knowledge and contacts in the insurance asset management industry. Through ten years of publication, we’ve developed a rich database of expert-led reports covering issues including investment, operational, risk, finance, liquidity, compliance, and senior management matters that decision makers can rely on.

Upcoming Reports

  • Data Management for Buy-Side Investors

    • 6th March 2023

    • This report, sponsored by Arcesium, features a whitepaper on data management strategies for asset manager – and why modern data platforms are must-haves – alongside a roundtable debate with senior leaders on the changing operations landscape, and an interview on data strategy execution.

  • Insurance Asset Management North America 2023

    • 13th February 2023

    • This report is produced following the annual Insurance Investor Live North America 2022 event, and brings together the insights from chief investment officers and portfolio managers representing insurers from across North America to discuss the methodology and strategy that their firms are taking to navigate these uncertain markets.

  • Institutional Fixed Income North America 2023

    • 9th January 2023

    • Designed with the input of asset owners, Institutional Fixed Income Investor, North America 2023 report brings together the community of North American investment leaders and asset allocation experts at U.S. and Canadian based retirement funds and insurance groups.

  • Solutions Not Products Mitigating Risks in the Drawdown Phase of Retirement Report

    • 12th December 2022

    • The importance of post-retirement decisions is especially critical today, especially with populations living well beyond projections made just a few decades ago. This report addresses the importance of the post-retirement drawdown phase and the ways in which plan sponsors are ensuring that their members are not left in the dark at the end of their working careers.

  • Insurance Asset Management, DACH 2022

    • 12th December 2022

    • The second annual Insurance Asset Management, DACH report, brings together the views of heads of investment, finance and treasury, plus heads of investment risk and operations at DACH based insurance groups. The report will explore through detailed white papers, insightful interview articles, and summaries of discussion based panel debates how those charged with maximising returns whilst carefully controlling investment risks are taking meaningful decisions to influence the outcome of portfolio returns on balance sheet and general account assets.

  • Environmental, Social & Governance Investing, Europe 2022

    • 28th November 2022

    • The fourth annual Environmental, Social & Governance Investing, Europe 2022 report brings together the views of senior investment offices from European based pension funds, insurers, endowment, and foundation funds, to share their insights and drive forward practical approaches to ESG integration within investment portfolios.

  • Market Study Report: Assessing Global Insurance Asset Management Trends

    • 31st October 2022

    • This special market study report, commissioned by Principal Asset Management SM, examines the emerging and established challenges and trends facing those charged with responsibility for insurers asset management activites. Conducted as a global study of in-depth interviews, the report will outline the views of European, North American, Central and South American, and Asian based insurers.

  • Operations, Technology, Outsourcing & Managed Services in the Investment Management Industry

    • 3rd October 2022

    • The pandemic forced a major pivot in the day-to-day operations for all investment management firms, with outsourcing and managed services coming to the forefront of operational strategy. This report features an in-depth discussion of the office model and which changes will remain permanent in the post-pandemic world. This includes the role of physical office space, as well as the IT infrastructure and security needed to support these changes.

  • Environmental, Social & Governance Investing, North America 2022

    • 21st July 2022

    • The fourth annual Environmental, Social & Governance Investing, North America 2022 report brings together the views of senior investment offices from U.S. and Canadian based pension funds, insurers, endowment, and foundation funds, to share their insights and drive forward practical approaches to ESG integration within investment portfolios.

  • Fund Technology, Data & Operations, North America 2022

    • 27th June 2022

    • The Fund Technology, Data & Operations, North America 2022 Report is developed from the annual Fund Operator Summit, which aims to address key concerns related to data and fund management including the availability, quality, and maintenance of data. Our expert speakers provide innovative strategies and constructive debate on the current financial landscape.

  • Investing in Private Markets, Europe 2022

    • 13th June 2022

    • The sixth annual Investing in Private Markets, Europe 2022 report brings together leading asset allocators from across the spectrum of pension funds, insurance, and other institutional investment groups to explore the array of opportunities and challenges to advancing a private markets allocation mix. Through the engaging format, these senior asset allocators outline their views and discuss through roundtable debates the issues driving their thinking about where to allocate assets in the broad private markets sector.