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Systems and technology offer immense potential to the development of the fund management industry and the possibility of rapid evolution in how fund groups operate. Here we explore some of the latest ideas and industry developments in technology, including current and future technology applications and new innovations being explored and trialled.

FUND OPERATOR PODCAST 1.4: AlbaCore Capital's Matthew Courey

Matthew Courey, Chief Operating Officer, AlbaCore Capital Group, discusses how carbon conscious inves...

COO View: How to ensure due diligence in impact investing

Alex Wise, Chief Operating Officer, Wealth of Nations Impact Asset Management, offers his views on due diligence in impact investing.

How to navigate digitisation in private markets operations

Sachin Anandikar, Chief Technology Officer, Pemberton Asset Management, discusses strong tech, data, ...

How operation managers can respond to investors demands

Claire George, Chief Technology & Operations Officer at Savills Investment Management, explains what operations staff need to know about increasing investor demands.

What does digital transformation look like in an ever-changing market?

Big issues for private markets include integration, upskilling, and reducing costs, says Nikitas Psyl...

COO view: Current status of the digital asset market

Nic Basson, Chief Operating Officer at Old Street Digital, discusses the future of crypto and its viability as a market leader.

Enhanced client reporting will drive growth in 2023

A recent panel on investment sector client reporting said that automation, upstreaming, interoperability, and stewardship are imperative to future growth.

FUND OPERATOR PODCAST 1.3: Scottish Widows's Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Maria Nazarova-Doyle, Head of Pension Investments and Responsible Investments, Scottish Widows, discu...

How fund operators can monitor cybersecurity issues effectively

Eric Vermulm, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Allied Investment Advisors, dis...
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