In a rapidly evolving industry, robust operational strategies are required to manage growth, consolidation, change, and business evolution. This section covers the subjects and issues fund operations leaders are exploring and coming up against, including business and fund structures, operational policies, fund distribution, and the bridge between business plans and operational execution.

Fund Operator Podcast: ESG investment duration gap with Sally Bridgeland

Sally Bridgeland, Non-Executive Director and Chair of Investments, Local Pensions Partnership, discusses the duration gap between ESG consideration...

Prudential Assurance floats idea of bulk annuities

The company’s CEO has stated that whilst days are early, entering the space is something they are considering.

Is gamification of Defined Contribution pensions the key to success?

Eric Newman, Vice Chair & Trustee – Other Post-Employment Benefits, City of Stamford, gives his thoughts on gamification, apps, and other ways to k...

Increasing knowledge of the US retirement system – why, how, and what for?

Chip Weule, Chief Benefits Officer, Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado, explains the biggest risk around data ownership getting critical...

COO view: How does impact investing differ from ESG investing?

Alex Wise, Chief Operating Officer, Wealth of Nations Impact Asset Management, debunks misconceptions about impact investing.

Private Markets Investor Europe: Public debt snowball effect needs monitoring

Xavier Debrun, a member of the European Fiscal Board, assesses the megatrends affecting global markets, including risks and potential upsides.

Private Markets Investor Europe: Carbon conscious investing needs data and good management

Matt Courey, Chief Operating Officer at Albacore Capital Group, discusses what operational leaders need to know about...

Macroeconomics and private markets: where the markets stand in 2023

Nenna Gilmour-Platt, Head of Investment Strategy, Just Group plc, gives her views on the difficulties posed by macroeconomic conditions - as well a...

FUND OPERATOR PODCAST 1.4: AlbaCore Capital's Matthew Courey

Matthew Courey, Chief Operating Officer, AlbaCore Capital Group, discusses how carbon conscious investing improves operational efficiency.
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