In a rapidly evolving industry, robust operational strategies are required to manage growth, consolidation, change, and business evolution. This section covers the subjects and issues fund operations leaders are exploring and coming up against, including business and fund structures, operational policies, fund distribution, and the bridge between business plans and operational execution.

What are the regulatory aspects of ESG funds you need to be aware of?

Jess Foulds from Aviva Investors, and Christian Schuetz of Golding Capital Partners discuss fund compliance from a sustainability perspective – wha...

How can fund operators help clients integrate ESG strategies?

Claudia Röring, Sustainable Investing Coordinator, Quoniam and Miriam Benarey, Associate Director, Sustainability and Stewardship, Impax Asset Mana...

How do you ensure seamless data?

Chris Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, CG Asset Management, discusses what’s important and new in the world of data, including the old bugbear of keeping data safe despite human error.

How have ESG frameworks increased complexity?

Johannes Böhm, Senior ESG Data Analyst, Union Investments and Thomas Roulland, Director, Head of Sustainability Standards & Analytics Allianz Global Investors discus...

How to achieve effective ESG and sustainability investment policies

Sara Benwell, Contributing Editor, looks at the big picture of ESG investment in the European financial services market. How does it compare to the...

What impact investing changes should fund operators know about?

Seb Beloe, Head of Research, WHEB Group Asset Management, explains the current trends and operational challenges he’s seeing in the market around i...


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SFDR continues to effect flows from funds

Continued changes to fund classification see more ‘green’ funds abandoned in favour of semi-compliant ESG funds - but what does this trend mean for the industry?

How can COOs manage the regulatory burden?

Lounarda David, Chief Operating Officer, IFM Investors, shares her views on what makes an effective COO and how to succeed in today’s regulation-heavy world.
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