In a rapidly evolving industry, robust operational strategies are required to manage growth, consolidation, change, and business evolution. This section covers the subjects and issues fund operations leaders are exploring and coming up against, including business and fund structures, operational policies, fund distribution, and the bridge between business plans and operational execution.

Market data: Quality over cost and technology shift towards cloud

Global buy and sell-side market participants agree that data accuracy and data feed reliability are the most important drivers when choosing their ...

How to balance E, S, and G priorities with crunched resources

Tim Manuel, Partner and Head of Responsible Investment at Aon, discusses the ‘patchwork quilt’ effect – and how investment teams can negotiate E, S...

Collaboration and communication is only way for ‘risk management’

Risk management must be dealt with on a dual basis, using internal training and regulatory admin adherence to achieve the best results.

Funds must change their operating models to survive the future

The industry needs to embrace a change in operating model if it wants to survive in a fee-compressed world.

How portfolios can benefit from the net zero transition

Mark Lewis, Head of Climate Research at Andurand Capital, talks about carbon credit next steps and optimising the net zero asset mix.

How to balance risk management and compliance needs for COOs

Niall O’Toole, Director, InfraRed Capital Partners, discusses how investment operations teams can square the need for innovation with good risk man...

Transition management: Look both ways before crossing fixed income

Chris Adolph and Brandon Rasmussen from Russell Investments explains how independent transition management adds transparency and accountability to ...

How to create growth in a fee-compressed environment

Michael Germano, Chief Operating Officer & Head of North America for Newton Investment Management (a BNY Mellon group company), discusses the future of investment op...

Fund Operator Podcast: ESG investment duration gap with Sally Bridgeland

Sally Bridgeland, Non-Executive Director and Chair of Investments, Local Pensions Partnership, discusses the duration gap between ESG consideration...
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