In a rapidly evolving industry, robust operational strategies are required to manage growth, consolidation, change, and business evolution. This section covers the subjects and issues fund operations leaders are exploring and coming up against, including business and fund structures, operational policies, fund distribution, and the bridge between business plans and operational execution.


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SFDR continues to effect flows from funds

Continued changes to fund classification see more ‘green’ funds abandoned in favour of semi-compliant ESG funds - but what does this trend mean for the industry?

How can COOs manage the regulatory burden?

Lounarda David, Chief Operating Officer, IFM Investors, shares her views on what makes an effective COO and how to succeed in today’s regulation-heavy world.

Is your FX impacted with the equity settlement shift to T+1?

In February 2023, the SEC adopted final requirements for a 28 May 2024 implementation date for the move to T+1 settlement for transactions in US ca...

US asset managers backing away from climate group on collusion fears

Some of the US’s largest asset managers cite fears of collusion to back away from Climate Action 100+ group amid proxy-voting complexities.

LTAFs remain a controversial topic

The long-term aspect of LTAFs was questioned but overall effectiveness was highlighted at an industry panel discussion on investment operations.

What are the operational considerations of being a mission-driven asset manager?

Christophe Lemarie, Chief Operating Officer - Client Experience and Strategy, Executive Committee, TOBAM, discusses the operational considerations ...

What operational changes are needed to achieve sustainability-led investment decisions?

Julia Kosulko, Senior Sustainability Manager and Net Zero Lead at Nordic asset manager Infranode, discusses how the o...

Progress in net zero commitments amongst US institutional investors

Could the gap between the US market and the rest of the world start to close as net-zero commitments rise?
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