Technology & Data

Systems and technology offer immense potential to the development of the fund management industry and the possibility of rapid evolution in how fund groups operate. Here we explore some of the latest ideas and industry developments in technology, including current and future technology applications and new innovations being explored and trialled.

The role of AI and natural language programs for fund operators

Three industry experts look at what artificial intelligence (AI) is offering and what operational pro...

Why avoiding ESG data silos is difficult

Industry figures discussed ESG data issues around regulatory compliance, balancing consistency with efficiency, and the never-ending problem of silos.

How to generate alpha from a climate-transition-focused strategy

Maria Lozovik, Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder of Marsham Investment Management, examines how climat...

Funds must change their operating models to survive the future

The industry needs to embrace a change in operating model if it wants to survive in a fee-compressed ...

What can COOs learn from recent AI developments?

Dr Martin Goodson, CEO and Chief Scientist at Evolution AI, speaks about the future of the technology and what it means for fund operators.

How to drive growth and efficiency through IT transformation

Rodney Hutchinson, Director of Strategy & IT Transformation at M&G Investments, discusses how to stra...

What is the future of investment operations in a fee-compressed world?

Igor Bosnjak, Global Head of Investment & Data Operations, Russell Investments, shares his views on b...

How essential is data transparency for operations?

David Mellars, Head of Middle Office Solutions Analytics and Trading, FactSet, gives his thoughts on what technology is essential for an effective operations team.

Why outsourcing is still a logistical struggle

Asset managers and owners haven’t yet worked through outsourcing kinks, but teams should still demand higher levels of efficiency from providers, said Marc Mallet, G...
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