Technology & Data

Systems and technology offer immense potential to the development of the fund management industry and the possibility of rapid evolution in how fund groups operate. Here we explore some of the latest ideas and industry developments in technology, including current and future technology applications and new innovations being explored and trialled.

How fund operators can monitor cybersecurity issues effectively

Eric Vermulm, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Allied Investment Advisors, dis...

Cryptocurrency demand means growing pains for fund operators

Client demand for digital assets currently outpaces legal and operational infrastructure.

How to manage investment cycles with different goals

Sally Bridgeland, Chair And Non-Executive Director, Local Pensions Partnership Investments, discusses bridging the gap between investment cycles and ESG strategies.

How fund operators can tackle a fluctuating data management landscape

Arthur Melkonian, Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners, discusses how fund operators can remedy ...

New trends for fund operators in service consolidation

Simba Mamboininga, Managing Partner at Devlin Mambo LLP, discusses the post-pandemic trends in service consolidation that fund operators need to know when taking the...

Why more oversight is needed for digital assets

Joanne Kane, Chief Industry Operations Officer, at the Investment Company Institute, discusses actions to protect the public from misuse of digital assets.

Growing scepticism about greenwashing means changes for fund operators

As asset managers call for more transparent and measurable ESG data, some wonder if greenwashing is a...

Why fund operators must re-assess operations frameworks post-pandemic

Marie Dzanis, Head of EMEA, Northern Trust Asset Management, explores what Covid-19 taught us about r...

How to balance the silo and stakeholder approach

Emma Cullen, Chief Operating Officer, UK, Fiera Real Estate, and Arthur Melkonian, Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners, discuss ways to improve effective opera...
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