Technology & Data

Systems and technology offer immense potential to the development of the fund management industry and the possibility of rapid evolution in how fund groups operate. Here we explore some of the latest ideas and industry developments in technology, including current and future technology applications and new innovations being explored and trialled.

What can data offer for a client reporting structure?

David Bender, Associate Director, Digital, Fiera Real Estate, gives his thoughts on “data evangelism” – its negative, positives, and what it can offer for operationa...

What operating models are asset managers adopting?

Stuart Gunderson, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Seilern Asset Management, explains how Chief Operating Officers are executing their visions around mod...

Engagement is key to better pension customer service

Holistic plans around data, engagement, and a sense of ownership are the best way to get policy holders involved with managing defined contribution pensions.

How fund operators can manage vendor over-saturation

Fund operators give their view on saturation in the third-party vendor environment, and what the most important factors for investment firms were when it comes to na...

What fund operators need to know about securitisation

Matt Gould, Head of Fund Administration, Federated Hermes, shares his thoughts on where securitisation needs to be improved for better data management.

COO view: How does impact investing differ from ESG investing?

Alex Wise, Chief Operating Officer, Wealth of Nations Impact Asset Management, debunks misconceptions...

How data remains the key challenge for fund operators

Russell Newman, Chief Operating Officer, Rothschild & Co Asset Management, shares his views on the role of data aggregation solutions in asset management strategies.

Pain points in data management for fund operators

Stuart Gunderson, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Seilern Asset Management, gives his views on how asset managers are executing their data strategies.

Private Markets Investor Europe: How to approach digital transformation

Investment leaders discuss the different approaches to digital transformation in an ever-changing mar...
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